Coachella 2017: Weekend 1 Review

Kevin and I finally decided to go to Coachella this year because we aren’t getting any younger and we definitely don’t want to be those old people who think that they’re still young. Unfortunately, that became the case when we got there. Here’s my review about about the festival itself and our car camping experience in bullet points.

Coachella Festival

Music review:

  • As cliche as this sounds, Justice was life changing.
  • Kendrick’s new released music was the best part about his set.
  • Lorde is charming and great.
  • The XX were adorable and wonderful as always.
  • Goldlink and Capital Cities were pleasant surprises.
  • Future’s set was good because he brought out Drake.
  • Local Natives and Stormzy were great daytime sets.
  • Two Door Cinema was good but not memorable.
  • Not a EDM fan but Porter Robinson and Madeon were great and seem genuinely happy to be playing.
  • DRAM was a disappointment. He did not want to be there.
  • Lady Gaga was a good performer but I refused to enjoy her set for stubborn reasons.
  • Grouplove was horrible.
  • Why Migos? Why 4 times?
  • Overall, Sunday was the BEST! Friday was good. Saturday was MEH!


  • The music really should be the reason to go.
  • 3 day dance party! Lots of opportunities to dance throughout the day. You will uncover the inner dancing beast inside of you.
  • Even if you don’t get drunk or do drugs, it can still be fun.
  • Awesome weather in general. Not windy. Hot during the day as expected but perfect at night.
  • The open field allowed the concerts to be whatever you wanted it to be. If you wanted to be in a moss pit environment, you could move to the front. If you wanted a relaxed atmosphere where you had room to dance, you could move to the back. As long as you positioned yourself near the speakers, the music sounded great regardless of how far you were to the stage.
  • Lots of places to get good air conditioning during the day.
  • The decorations and architecture were nice.
  • Nice grass.


  • Not enough water filling stations.
  • The Sahara tent was the WORST! I don’t know Coachella insists on having stages inside tents especially if they plan on accommodating so many people.
  • Food was mediocre, but not too expensive. A meal would cost you ~$15. Beer will cost you $10 to $14 depending on the brand.
  • Not everyone was into the bands they were watching so there would be a lot of talking during sets. You also get that weird crowd of people that pretend to enjoy the music just to take pictures and leave before the set ends. They were the worst!
  • Shame on people for not knowing who Lauren Hill is. Shame on people for referring to Pharrell Williams as “that guy with the big hat” although I don’t blame them.
  • People who keep moving around during sets especially 20+ people at a time holding hands. They were the worst.
  • Weekend 1 had lots of college students.
  • Unfortunate decline in the authenticity that music festivals should have. Coachella felt too engulfed in commercialism and social media bragging.


  • The bathrooms in the back of the restroom area were super nice until the end of the day when they weren’t anymore.
  • Don’t bring anything except a bandana, water bottle, license, credit card, and (optional) phone. Most places took credit card. Pickpocketing happens a lot in crowded places. Plus, backpacks leave awkward sweat stains on your back.

Car Camping


  • Easy to go in and out of the festival.
  • You can cook your own food. There’s a bus that takes you to the supermarket quite often.
  • Lots of space to chill.
  • You can do silent disco at night if you still have energy.
  • You see lots of weird things.


  • not enough showers
  • port-a-potties got super nasty by the 3rd day
  • loud
  • you wake up in sweat
  • its rough

Overall: 4.5/5


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